2018 wedding trends · If tropical was the growing trend of 2017, then 2018 gives pride of place to rustic, simple and authentic ambiances. Discover the trends envisaged by our wedding planning company’s designer.


Wedding trend #1: British Accent

British accent trend

The British style is more than just a design concept – it’s an atmosphere. It is the whimsical wind which, laden with sea spray, caresses a family cottage on the seashore. It is the fire crackling in the hearth of the fireplace. It is a meal simmering in an old pot. It is a family enjoying a Sunday together and playing cricket while waiting for the meal to be served.

A British wedding by Keep in Secret

For Keep in Secret, a wedding with a British accent is one that is both chic and casual, but above all, romantic and sweet.

We envisage a beautiful family home, in a garden with an abundance of wildflowers together with sea views. The table is set inside, with vintage crockery and beautifully illustrated table stationary. Some family recipes complete the menu, bringing memories of life’s wonderful moments flooding back.

Wedding trend #2: Contemporary Glamour

Contemporary Glamour Trend

Luxury, elegance and pleasure. That is how best to sum up the glamour trend. In 2018, glamour comes in many colours, with navy blue, duck blue and pastels to the fore, while being inspired by beautiful materials, such as marble, satin, copper and even rose gold.

Contemporary Glamour wedding as envisioned by Keep in Secret

For Keep in Secret, a contemporary Glamour wedding is hosted in a castle. This is a chic, romantic wedding where flowers play a leading role.

We envisage a magnificent estate with crystal chandeliers. It is decorated with flowers and candles in discreet glass vases and candle holders. Pastel colours and gold are at the heart of the decor, while the stationery is embellished with gilding. The bride is majestic in her dress, like someone straight out of a fairy tale.

Wedding trend #3: Tropical Chic

Tropical Chic Trend

The tropical chic trend continues in 2018, having won the popular vote for 2017, however, it is expressing itself differently for this year. The flamingos and pineapples have made way for palm leaves, which can be found throughout the decor and on the table. A mix of influences makes for a bohemian yet refined tropical wedding.

The Tropical Chic wedding as envisioned by Keep in Secret

For Keep in Secret, a Tropical Chic wedding should be sophisticated and modern.

The location is at the heart of the wedding – simple, modern and uncluttered. Minimalist, almost. The sea gives way to the jungle. The decor is replete with green, natural and vibrant foliage. The colour palette is green and white, like the stationary. The bride wears a modern dress that is slim-fitting, while her make-up is minimalist and natural.

Wedding trend #4: Wabi Sabi

Wabi-sabi Trend

As the name suggests, wabi-sabi is an expression describing an aesthetic concept. It brings together two concepts: wabi refers to the sense of fullness and modesty that can be experienced in the face of natural phenomena, while sabi is the feeling that comes when faced with things in which the work of time or men can be discerned. Wabi-sabi advocates a return to simplicity, to a peaceful sobriety that can positively influence existence, where you can recognise and feel the beauty of imperfect, ephemeral and modest things.

The wabi-sabi wedding as interpreted by Keep in Secret

For Keep in Secret, a wabi-sabi wedding is a wedding where you exalt perfection through the imperfections, through rustic and organic materials, such as raw wood, ceramics, etc.

We envisage a wedding of extreme delicacy enhanced by nature. The decor is marked by little touches of artisanal art. The caterer provides simple and delicate dishes that do not distort the original taste of the produce. The bride’s make-up is simple, bringing out her natural beauty, and is highlighted by a bouquet of flowers that is magical in its simplicity.


We hope this article has inspired you when it comes to the design of your wedding. What trend inspires you the most?

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