France is a magnificent country. You are considering celebrating your wedding in France? Great choice! Here are 5 reasons to choose France for your destination wedding.

The magic of Paris

What would a wedding in France be without a stop in the city of Paris, the Capital of Love? The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Invalides, Bastille, Champs Élysées… plenty of dreamy places which inspire us to celebrate love.

Our tip: have your engagement photo shoot done in Paris to capture the unique memories of your trip.

The authenticity of the Alps

The beauty of its landscapes, the delicacy of its greenery, the agility of its wildlife: the Alps are a stunning background for a wedding.

Have your wedding outdoors and spend the weekend in a chalet to enjoy this unrivaled setting.

The glamour of the Côte d’Azur

Monaco, Nice, Cannes. The Côte d’Azur harbors lavish places known for their glamour.

Celebrate your wedding in a villa with an ocean view and enjoy the turquoise water of the Mediterranean.

The splendor of the Loire Valley castles

The banks of the Loire are dotted with Renaissance castles, relics from an era when the King reigned over France of the counts of Blois.

Celebrate your wedding in one of these unique venues.

The spirituality of Brittany

A land of fantastic and historical legends, Brittany welcomes you for a magical wedding.

Our tip: Imagine a secular ceremony and Celtic rituals for your wedding!

Would you like to get married in France and have someone support you during your French destination wedding? The Keep in Secret agency can help you make this a reality, often even beyond your expectations.

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